Robot and Rocks


Robot and Rocks is A physics based puzzle game by Axel Brinkeby. The game is under development. The latest beta version should always be playable, but I can not guarantee it. All the builds here on this page are for windows, but I can also make a Mac version of the latest build if you ask me.

The game is made in Unity, it should run as a standalone application without any problems. But it does need a decent graphics card to run smoothly. The game is designed to be played using a gamepad (only xBox 360 controller tested), but it is possible to play with a keyboard as well, In that case, Use the arrowkeys or "WASD" to drive, Control the robot arm with "Space" and "L-ctrl". Respawn with "R" and restart the current level with "T".

Link to my website

Download latest version (161 MB)

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by Axel Brinkeby,